Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pack your bags, pack food, your favorite album make a plan, write a letter to santa and then comeback and sit tight

Here are some picks from my crib

 this amazing and scary drawing was made by Edwing Sandoval i also love his work, he's actually friends with carlos olvera, named on the top of this post, where the heron pick is..

E.T. watercolor made by me

 The pick on top of this, is one of my very first picks with a professional camera, i was seventeen, and i just loved that little girl, she reminds me of thora birch en ghost world i really dont know why,...and the pick below its a pick from when i was 17een to,my folks had a vegetarian restaurant here inthe city, and we had a special rock night one weekend,3 awesome band played that day :
Division Minuscula , Arizona (no longer a band), and my personal favorite(plus a million i hearts)
La Live Band, longer a band, so if you have the change of buying or listening to this band, i really recomend you should.

 The most cliche sticker ever, but love it anyways....and the dog sticker is actually a very famous dog, here his name is Agusto.

Super Awesome drawing send by mail from a Torreon,mx local artist, who by the way has one of the most amazoonggg" name ever Andrea sicsik del Toro and i really,really just lover everything about her.

Romantic note, pick from me and chunky from when he was 3 (now he's 9), an ideal schedule for a wednesday.....just change it for yoga, i really love yoga, and pilates just make me look very big'ass like, you only get to see until 2pm anyways..

funny magnets,kiss, the beatles,taxi driver, a carrot, a dog, a fish and a very sad looking orange.Oh! and a really love the fortune cookie paper, it said "You have a very deep appreciation for the arts and music" Lucky numbers 4,8,18,32,33, i just had to keep it, you know for it was very real,,.so real that felt know?..

me at 19, with a very serious allergy to the sun,,hate him, sorry but i do, more funny magntes a parrot sticker from my other blog, the one i share with RoxxyLove my old,old, friend. 

a pencil drawing of my grand mother, made by RoxxyLove, a tribute to my grandma, from when she past away. An elephant poster, and picks from my dad and his bro's. should really,really get one, it was created for denim clothes,so you wont have to wash them,,..also helps with all kinds of environment  allergies.

 Vintage clock in my kitchen, belong to my husband grandfather,,we love it,goes really well with the hole vibe.

 Globe map wall paper,was the first thing we put in this house, the wall was really revolting, so we had no option.

again my booties jjojiji meaning that the next picks are from my front and back yard.

The yard keepper (and that little plant next to him, gives the most amazing flower ever, i put a pick down below)

Yoko, my golde,....for some reason she loves the camera....

she actually poses.....


other beautiful plant,some weird kind of cactus, i love how i seems more like a flower

Ceiba tree: i took the photo up close, so you can see how amazaan" this tree really is, its actually a very interesting tree if you ask me, cause with those things who will wanna disturb this slepping beauty?

He takes care of all of us,and all the negative energy that some one can bring..

 We have a banana tree too, i have always hade one, so when i got married i told mi pop to bring one..

          This next spring we'll be eating them,,yummy!!

 this is the amazing flower i was talking about earlier....isn't beautiful? makes me think about bjork

...and how fragile we all really are.